F.O.D. is a four piece Belgian punkrock band.
The band is notorious for its catchy vocal harmonies and short melodic songs, all wrapped in their own authentic sound.

After their first EP back in 2011, F.O.D.'s full album "Ontario" received loads of positive critics and great reviews! A new album "Tricks Of The Trade" will be released on September 23.

F.O.D. is on the rise, ready and hungry for the stages in 2015.
Have a look around on this site and check the NEWS-section to stay tuned , or like them on Facebook !

---Update 12/08/2014---
Pre-ordering time! Now everything is recorded, mixed and mastered, we're hoping everyone will buy the stuff. Starting now, right HERE!
Special promo-packs also available at Effervescence Records' website.

Album release at FOD-fest: 11 Octobre 2014!
Get your tickets right HERE! or check the Facebook event.