• 11/01/2017 | Pre-orders HARVEST start today!
    Hi all! ‘Harvest’ pre-orders (digital/CD/Vinyl) have started! The album is set to be released on February 7th.
    You have 3 options:
    1. Those who buy a ticket for FOD-fest have the option to go for a bundle: ticket + CD or LP:
    2. If you cannot make it to FOD-fest (say what??), you can pre-order the album at our Bandcamp:
    We'll make sure to have it landing on your doorstep just in time!
    3. You can also pre-order at our labels FUNTIME RECORDS MAILORDER, Effervescence Records and Bird Attack Records.
    If you need a bundle with a shirt: hang on! We're working on those!
  • 1/01/2017 | Happy New Year!
  • 28/12/2016 | New lyric video for Act Of Consecration
    The new album HARVEST will be our most diverse album up to date. There's even a waltz-like song, which is not that punk but we don't really care about that. But THIS song, on the other hand, is the most aggressive one on the record. Hope you don't mind.
    We made a lyric video for it, enjoy 'Act Of Consecration'.
  • 18/12/2016 | First show for 2017: El Topo Goes Loco!
    There you go: our first show for 2017 is announced! El Topo Bookings presents their 5th anniversary edition of EL TOPO GOES LOCO! With a 3th stage and 36 bands this is gonna be a legendary weekend full of ska, punk and reggae.
    Check this out boys and girls, time to go crazy!
  • 22/11/2016 | FOD-fest: lineup complete!
    The lineup for our album release festival is complete! FOD-fest will take place at February 11th.
    Check the event:
    Buy tickets:

    Boxing Day
    Black Sheep Belgium
    For I Am
    Pmx (UK)
    Tim van Doorn (NL)
    You Nervous?
    Thousand Oaks (IT)
    Call It Off (NL)
    Adrenalized (ES)
    & F.O.D.
    Download more information here
  • 9/11/2016 | This might be appropriate
    It wasn't our intention to release another song of our new album 'Harvest' this fast but it suddenly seems the appropriate thing to do!

  • 5/11/2016 | Dying Scene
    Dying Scene is posting about our new video!
    You read it RIGHT HERE
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