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Rock Tribune about Sleepville

Hans had a nice chat with the fine people at Rock Tribune talking about Sleepville.
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***BREAKING*** New Song/New Video/Sleepville C-side ***

Here’s a little story.
When we recorded Sleepville, we had 60 minutes of music. We considered releasing a double album but after a lot of discussing decided to put out a single album in March and a surprise side C later in 2020. After all, after touring and playing a lot of shows, a lot of people would get to know the record and hopefully appreciate it. The C-side would be the cherry on the cake...

Obviously, no shows were played and not a lot of people got to know about Sleepville. But we still have that C-side, ready, mixed, mastered and pressed, lying there. We chose to stick to the plan: release it later this year. Today we release the single and video for ‘Letter To Laura’, the opening track. The 10-track C-side will be released on November 27th.
These songs are not a collection of leftovers. They were meant to be put out, we consider them an integral part of the Sleepville soundtrack.


Lode, Stijn, Pierre and Hans


New single: Letter To Laura!




Nieuwe single: PERFECT MATCH (Triggerfinger cover)

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