• 18/06/2016 | Belvedere support act
    People, this is next week! ‪#‎Ubersiked‬ ‪#‎punkrockfever‬
    Funtime concerts presents:PUNKROCK SUMMERBLAST with Belvedere, Homer, The Octopussys, F.O.D., Altitude!
  • 7/06/2016 | Writing done!
    Writing done, recording new album in August! ‪#‎nobiggie‬
  • 30/05/2016 | Review TOTT
    Review TOTT-album by Snoozecontrol.
  • 27/05/2016 | This weekend
    We play 2 shows this weekend!
    Friday: gathering at Jeugdhuis Tydeeh (Mol) this Friday with Generation84, Altitude and The Human Project!
    Saturday: Uke-Hunt, The All-Star Weddingband, Altitude.
    Check our tourdates or facebook-events for more information!
  • 7/05/2016 | Brakrock / F.O.D. promo by Joey Cape!
    Chris Cresswell & Joey Cape talk about The Flatliners, F.O.D. and Brakrock Ecofest!

  • 3/05/2016 | Next show announcement!
    Check this!
    Our dear friends Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Spike Slawson (Uke-Hunt, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes) know what's good for you!

  • 2/05/2016 | 8 years ago ...
    8 years ago on May 1th 2008, we played our first gig ever! We played 'Dookie' by Green Day in its entirety! How time flies...

    Some background information: Location = Library – Duffel.
    This 1-time project failed: we stayed together as a band, played a lot of cover songs and finally ended writing our own stuff…

    Oldskool pix in this Facebook album!
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